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You can buy now credits cheeper.
You can buy now credits cheeper in smshop.
Posted by Smack on 28 January, 2015

More Banks

If you need more banks in game use:


/ware 1

/ware 2

/ware 3

Posted by Smack on 28 January, 2015


One GrandRes = you will get 2k credits in sms shop.


300 resets = 1 gr

Posted by Smack on 27 January, 2015


Did you have some items like this

You cant put in bank

Our Drop it...


Just do Reset in website and your inventory will be clean.


But all your items what is on your char will be deleted... please put you items in your bank.


Posted by Smack on 27 January, 2015

Every day server go offline for 10 min to take backup... on 21:00
Posted by Smack on 26 January, 2015


BackUp HardDrive


Server has update + 1TB Hard Drive.

Posted by Smack on 23 January, 2015

Server Info.

Exp: 9999x

Drop: 100%

Mega Spots in all maps.

New reset system.

New items.

Server online 24/7.

 Rates + 9 +10 +11 +12 +13   100%



Posted by Smack on 21 January, 2015

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